Our quality standards

We design our products to the highest possible quality standards. During the development process we abstain from lactose, fructose, gluten, colorants, separating agents or additives. Each batch is analyzed by independent laboratories and maximized in terms of tolerability.

Perfect dosage

Overdosage of individual nutrients can cause other nutrients to be ingested by the body. For this reason, all contents of the UNA Vital preparations are finely balanced and perfectly dosed so that the body can absorb the nutrients it needs.

United power of nature and science

Our products combine the forces of nature with the 15 years of expertise and knowledge of our expert team on micronutrients and their benefits. The basis of all our products are selected ingredients that are purely natural and of the highest quality.

State of the art recipe

All our formulations have been developed by experienced pharmacists according to the latest scientific findings.

Development from the heart of Germany

Our products were developed in Offenbach am Main, Hessen, Germany.


Our products consist of different high-quality preparations, which we obtain by 100% from natural ingredients.
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About us

The UNA Vital Team consists of experienced and motivated pharmacists and chemists, who have been ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with heart and soul for years.
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For questions and concerns, e.g. For the availability of our products, our team is at your disposal.
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UNA Vital is a brand of Una Pharma GmbH – Heinrich-Krumm-Str. 20 – 63073 Offenbach (Germany)